AIHA-NCS Student Scholarships Applications Are Now Open

The AIHA Northern California local section is now accepting applications for 2017 Student Scholarships. These are a great way to encourage students to get more involved with AIHA and with other professionals in the field.  The awards are $700 each.

Please encourage eligible students to apply! 

Application deadline is March 26, 2017.

The description and qualification criteria for the awards are described below:
Robert T. Legge Award: This award is given of Dr. Legge, a former professor of industrial hygiene and physician at the University of California who made contributions to the fields of occupational medicine and public health. Those eligible to receive the award are undergraduate or graduate student showing academic excellence focusing on industrial hygiene or related environmental health studies. 
Any student with demonstrated interest and involvement in the study of Industrial Hygiene; currently enrolled in a 4-year college or graduate program in the Bay Area that offers course work in industrial hygiene or related studies such as toxicology, environmental health, or ergonomics; and a current AIHA-NCS Student member.
Bernard D. Tebbens Memorial Award: This award is given by as a tribute to Dr. Tebbens, a former professor of industrial hygiene at the U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health and section founder to graduate student with academic excellence to U.C. Berkeley, School of Public Health, emphasis in industrial hygiene.
The award is open to students who have completed at least one year in the U.C. Berkeley Environmental Health Program; and is a current AIHA-NCS Student member. 
Charles H. Powell Award: This award commemorates Dr. Charles H. Powell, a decades-long contributor to safety, industrial hygiene, and toxicology fields in private industry, NIOSH, and private consulting. He served as an editor for Patty’s Toxicology, AIHA President in 1983, was made an Honorary Member of AIHA in 1997, and elected an AIHA Fellow. The Memorial Award recognizes a Northern California undergraduate or graduate student who demonstrates academic and extracurricular excellence and a dedication to safety and/or industrial hygiene fields.
A full-time undergraduate or graduate student at a Northern California University with strong coursework in Safety Sciences, demonstrated sincere interest/or involvement in the safety profession, and is a current AIHA-NCS Student member. Extra-curricular and work or internship experience, as well as academic excellence will be considered. (Note: A student may not receive the Powell award again if he/she was a prior recipient of the award. Joint applications are not allowed, and only one applicant may be considered on a single scholarship application.
The Awards:
Each award offers recognition of academic excellence, along with the student's interest and involvement in the industrial hygiene profession.  Each awardee will be presented with a certificate and a $700 award, and will be asked to briefly speak about themselves and their career aspirations at the Awards dinner.
The Awards will be presented at the April 5, 2017, AIHA-NCS Meeting at  Spenger's Fish Grotto, 1919 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710.  Meeting details will be in a separate email.
All students are welcome to attend the April dinner meeting for free. The winning applicant's guest will also receive a complimentary dinner.  
“Vendors’ Night” will also be held during this dinner meeeting.  Students will have an opportunity to engage with potential employers and key vendor sponsors who have long supported AIHA-NCS.

To apply (see below) or if you have questions, please email Margarito Bercilla at:

Any specific questions are welcome, and can be directed to this email address.

You may apply for several awards but separately submit each award application. Please identify the name of the award you are applying for IN THE SUBJECT LINE.   You must submit your application by March 26, 2017 in the following format:



Email Address:

Contact Telephone Numbers (day/evening):

Name of University:

Degree Program:

Faculty Advisor’s Name and Telephone Number:

Anticipated Graduation Date:


In addition, applicants are strongly encouraged to answer the following questions:

  • Why did you select industrial hygiene as a career and what would you like to accomplish?

  •  What research work or projects are you working on or have you completed?


  • Describe your involvement with industrial hygiene outside of school. Include any paid or volunteer work experiences involving industrial hygiene.



In submitting this application, the parties agree that this information is subject to verification.  The AIHA-NCS Board will determine the scholarship awards during the selection process.  All rights reserved.