Donate to the Developing World Outreach Initiative (DWOI) and Help Make a Difference!!

Your donations and assistance allow you to do what matters and enables the activities of the Developing World Outreach Initiative (DWOI).

Do you prefer that your charitable donation goes straight to a worthy organization that needs it? With no administrative fees or overhead?

Here's your chance to donate directly to an occupational health and safety cause that matters and has made an impact. This year, DWOI volunteers have screened numerous applications from international non-governmental organizations and universities and awarded five $500 training grants and three $2,000 technical grants, but there are still additional worthy projects awaiting funding! We have exhausted all available technical grant funds contributed by National AIHA ($6,000) and training grant funds contributed by AIHA NCS member David Kahane ($2,500) along with remaining historical DWOI funds.

We are asking for donations from you,  AIHA NCS members,  to try to raise $2,000 to fund the following runner up projects:

-Two training grants ($500 each)  for safety training for farm workers in Kenya and electronic workers in Mexico.

-One technical grant ($1,000) for an assessment of DDT application practices for malaria eradication in Uganda.

If we can also raise an additional $500 to match David Kahane's generous $2,500 donation,  DWOI can do even more good work!

Here are three ways you can donate (remember donations of any amount help):

1. Come to the July 21, 2015 AIHA NCS dinner meeting at Michael's in Mountain View, CA and bring cash or your checkbook. DWOI Chair Richard Hirsh will gladly accept your donation.

2. Mail a tax deductible donation check marked for DWOI but, payable to "New Ways to Work c/o Garret Brown at PO Box 124 Berkeley, CA 94701.

3. Mail a non-tax deductible check marked for DWOI but, payable to "AIHA-NCS" c/o Leslie B. Lawton, We Produce 125 Connemara Way #141 Sunnyvale, CA 94087.

We sincerely appreciate your support.

From the DWOI Technical and Training Grant Screening Subcommittee Volunteers:
Garrett Brown
Perry Gottesfeld
Karen Gunderson
Richard Hirsh

David Zalk