Registration is now open for our Annual Past Presidents' Dinner!

Our annual Past-Presidents Dinner meeting will be Thursday July 14, at Michael's at Shoreline, in Mountain View. (Due to the Shoreline concert schedule, our normal meeting day was moved to avoid traffic difficulties).

Title: Toxic Waste Spill From The Cananea Copper Mine and its Impact on the Community and Environment

In August 2014, 11 million gallons of highly acidic waste water with high levels of heavy metals migrating into the watershed of the Rio Sonora (near the Arizona border) from Cananea copper mine operated by Grupo Mexico. The waste spill went 220 miles down the river to the dam holding the drinking water for Hermosillo, the state capital and a city of 1.5 million people. The spill contaminated well and surface water, poisoning agricultural land, killing livestock, and generating adverse health effects among the 25,000 residents along the river.

In 2016, a group of eight US health, environmental, labor and university professionals toured the river valley and visited communities still affected. Thus far, they collected 400 health surveys (of 1,000) indicating serious health effects occurring 20 months after the spill affecting infants, children, adults and elders. Yet the Mexican government and Grupo Mexico (the 4th largest mining company in the world) have declared the crisis to be over with no further action needed. Occupational health, environmental, and community health professionals have been involved in the ongoing investigation and resolutions. The speakers are:

  • David Bacon, photojournalist, who will show his photos and provide background information, and
  • Cadelba Lomeli, nurse practitioner, who will discuss the results of the surveys and interviews, continuing health effects, and medical plans.


At the meeting, there will be a Developing World Outreach Initiative (DWOI) raffle.


Buffet Dinner including:

Salads: Moroccan Bean, Ceasar, Pasta Primavera, and Tomato & Cucumber

Hot entrees: Pot Roast, Rosemary Chicken and Roasted Potatoes

Dinner Rolls, Coffee, Tea

Dessert: Sherbet


Member price (early registration deadline is July 7): $43 per person

Non-member (early registration deadline is July 7): $48 per person

Students/emeritus/retired (early registration deadline is July 7): $28 per person

Registration on or after July 8: $53 per person