November 14 Dinner Meeting. Legal & Practical Issues Facing Health & Safety Professionals

Legal & Practical Issues Facing Health & Safety Professionals

Presented by Michael L. Fox, J.D.

Location: Kingfish Restaurant, San Mateo, CA

November 14, 2017 

Michael Fox, a partner with Sedgwick LLP, will provide a primer on legal and practical issues facing health and safety professionals employed as outside consultants and to co-workers as well as other employees of their companies. 

Issues to be addressed include:

  1. The scope of potential liability for outside consultants' assumption of the employer's or property owners' duty to maintain a safe workplace;
  2. The exclusive remedy of workers' compensation to shield those responsible for EH&S from civil liability, and exceptions thereto; and
  3. The importance of documentation and data collection to address claims and for use in litigation. 


Registration, networking start time 5:30 PM


Meeting Starts 6:30 PM


Menu and Registration: