Developing World Outreach Initiative

The Northern California Section (NCS) of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) has undertaken an initiative, the Developing World Outreach Initiative (DWOI), to address the lack of adequate industrial hygiene resources for workers and workplace health and safety professionals in developing countries. In March 2006, a work group was formed to connect the technical resources within AIHA-NCS with those who need it in the developing world. We are looking for partners, both individuals and organizations, which have similar visions to improve health and safety in the developing world.

DWOI Updates

Report on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS): Coffee Plantation Workers

Report on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS): Coffee Plantation Workers

OHS Projects in the Developing World

Initiative Organization and Contact Information

DWOI Committee Chairperson: Richard Hirsh

Liaison Committee: The Liaison Committee initiates and maintains contact with our partners, including ANROAV/AMRC, the Northern California Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, and DWOI volunteers traveling to developing countries. The committee is led by Garrett Brown and Colleen Thornton.

Request & Response Committee: The Request and Response Committee coordinates and manages donates to DWOI, and shipments of books and equipment to organizations in developing countries. The committee is led by Dan Grinnell. Mike Horowitz.

Resources Web Site Committee: The Resources Web Site Committee updates and maintains the DWOI and Resources pages of the AIHA-NCS website with information useful to AIHA-NCS members and DWOI partners. This committee is led by Trevor Bausman Michelle Lan.

Publicity and Fundraising Committee: The Publicity and Fundraising Committee promotes the activities of the DWOI via industrial hygiene news outlets and coordinates fund raising for DWOI activities. This committee is led by Rich Hirsh.

International Industrial Hygiene Resources

Occupational Knowledge International

International Labor Organization

International Occupational Hygiene Association

AIHA International Affairs Committee

ACGIH International Committee

Foundation for Occupational Health and Safety

Maquiladora Health & Safety Support Network


Information and Analysis of OHS in the Developing World

 Health and Safety Guide for the stone crushing industry 

 Clean Clothes Campaign (Holland)

 Maquila Solidarity Network (Canada)

 International Labor Rights Fund

 National Labor Committee

 US-Labor Education in the Americas Project

 Ethical Trading Initiative (UK)

 Fair Labor Association

 Workers Rights Consortium

 Verite (monitor and research)

 Asia Monitor Resource Center (Hong Kong)

 China Labour Bulletin (Hong Kong)